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What is Fee-Only Financial Planning?

It may seem unnatural to pay upfront for investment advice; however, if you are comparing our services with those of another adviser, you might consider the following:

We are generally able to deliver substantial value in not only saving our clients money, but also delivering advice that's suited to your needs and not tied to any sales agenda. Our value derives from independence, objectivity, and fiduciary responsibility. Very few planners in the world offer a range like this.

Quality and Value

  • Objective Advice – The only money we receive is directly from, our client. Commission paid advisors are compensated based on whether you buy the product they recommend – this represents a significant conflict of interst. Our advice is not rendered as part of a sales process. There are no hooks or hidden agendas.
  • Independent Advice – The investment universe we have available to choose from is not limited by any company paying us to recommend their product or type of service. The plan we create for you is not conditioned in any way on you implementing your solution through us. We never receive third-party compensation from suppliers or vendors.
  • Fiduciary- As a Certified Financial Planner™ Professional, I am required to always place your best interest above that of my own. As a Fee-Only advisor, you are the only one paying me, which aligns our interests and removes conflicts of interest.
  • Cost Effective- How much are you paying to invest your money? You'll pay more for my plan up-front, but the difference in implementation and ongoing cost is significant when using no-load mutual funds and exchange traded funds with low expense ratios, and with lower turnover and capital gains distributions. You will also be free from the higher ongoing cost of ownership of a limited range of investment products offered by commission paid advisors.

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Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck.